Monday, December 29, 2008

Brandon's 24th Birthday

The Cake:

The explanation of "The Cake":
I have been planning to make Brandon a really good, decorated poker cake for a few months now... And here is the design I was going for:
But when I realized that the decorating icing tips didn't fit the icing tubes, I had to make a trip to United. Then when I came back from United, I realized I didn't have red icing! So time was running out and I was beginning to panic... I decided to continue without the red icing. But, when I ran out of the green icing and saw that I only had 20 minutes left to finish, I freaked out and just started to mix every icing color in site, put a big 24 on top, and stuck in 24 candles... Moral of the story: don't judge a book by its cover (at least the cake tasted good!)


Brian & Cathy said...

I will say that the cake did taste better than it looked. Maybe you should start now on my cake. My birthday is just around the corner you know.

Jake and Julia Soler said...

lol! Jordan, you sure picked a tough cake to make...I have to say that I didn't realize what the heck that was that you made till I scrolled down and read more...very interesting looking cake sis :-)